Content Optimization

How do you optimize your page or article for a keyword?

Our Content Optimization Breakdown

What is Content Optimization

Although jam packing keywords into your article may have worked in 2008, Google has since gotten a lot smarter. Your target keyword phrase should only really occur in your Title, URL, Headline, and content a couple of times at most. Google is smart enough to understand synonyms and connect the dots when interchanging words for the same content. If proper SEO is followed, your content is normally already 80% optimized



3 Key Practices To Great Content Optimization

Let’s dive into the three key practices to follow to optimize your content into great content

  1. SEO
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Off-Site Optimization

Search engine optimization is perfecting your page show that it shows in Google when your relevant keyword is searched. We dive deep into fundamentals with SEO on this Search Engine Optimization Page

Conversion Rate Optimization dives into understanding why people are converting on your website. Whether it is someone who signs up for your blog, newsletter, anything that can lead to more leads is what conversion does for you.

Off-Site Optimization means diving outside of your online presence to look at competitors. You will find you may be competing with people you have never even heard of and websites you have never seen. It is vital to keep in mind things that are happening outside of your online presence so you can stay up to date and ahead of the game.

Optimizing Content

We can not stress enough how important having an SEO Friendly page can be the game-changer for your content. If your pages are not following SEO practices you are already 80% behind. 

If proper SEO is followed you will find a lot of your content won’t even need to be optimized. If your main keywords and titles match your content and is trustworthy, your content will do just fine!

Content Optimization Practices


Search Engine Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization


Off-Page Optimization

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