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What is On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO comes down to the heart and soul of your webpage, and what your users can see and view. This practice when followed correctly can increase organic traffic, how easily viewable a webpage is, which will lead to more conversions and leads. It is the practice of “Optimizing webpages to improve SERP and traffic”. This can come down to Heading tags, Meta tags, Titles, and pure content itself.



How To Improve On-Page SEO

One of the easy ways to increase your on-page optimization is by creating good URLs. Google has been very open about how URLs can affect a page and how they can help a page. Things like including a keyword in your URL, keeping that keyword as far left in the URL, Using relative keywords, and separating your URL words with hyphens “-” all help Google understand your page more clearly.


Other things like Headings, Titles, and Meta tags can also be important when it comes to on-page SEO. Including keywords in these areas will help your search engine understand content in more depth. A great WordPress Plugin that can assist you with things like meta tags and titles is called Yoast. Yoast will rate your on-page SEO and give you tips on how to improve it, best part about it is that they offer this plugin for free but you can also upgrade it to a paid version for more in-depth information.

Optimizing Your SEO

One of the biggest factors to increase your online presence is structuring your data so you can appear in moreĀ rich snippets. Rich snippets are the text areas that Google will show to anyone who searches the related keyword. For example, if I were to search “what is on-page optimization” you will see a snippet from a blog post right at the top, giving a short and detailed answer to the question.

However, your website needs to be structured in such a way that Google can understand and navigate so they can find these areas in your content to use as rich snippets. So that means diving into the HTML behind what your website is made on.

Content Optimization Practices


URLs That Are Keyword Friendly


Meta-Tags, Titles, Headings, Content


Structured Data So Google Can Understand Your Content

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