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Google is a great place to generate new leads, page views, and conversions. However, it can be costly depending on the keywords you and your company are targeting. That is why we do in depth analysis on specific keywords used in your industry and find the best options for the best results. With experience in Google Campaigns, we have seen growth up to 100% increases in sales, which leads to most of the time covering your ad cost and be able to continue running campaigns



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We have all heard of Facebook ads and how much they can help a business, but it takes a good campaign to be successful. Facebook ads are nice in the way that you can set how much you want to spend each day on ads. With as little as $5 per day, your ad can reach thousands of eyes.


You can also target certain types of people and their age, gender, career, etc. It is nice when you can throw your ad infront of eyes that want to see it, rather than paying for your ads for people who are not in your target market to see. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram all have extremely low ad prices. Twitter is one of the social plateforms with relativly normal ad pricing which is much higher than other social media’s.

How We Do PPC

It is important to understand which keywords you want to target before starting a campaign. We do extensive research to help find the best and most searched keywords. However, the more competitive your keyword is, the more it will cost.

However, it is important to remember that the cost overall is just a trivial digit. If a $4 ad gets clicked on, and leads to a $300 sale, you will generally be happy with losing that $4 to get the sale. With daily analytics and reviews it is easy for us to stay connected with campaigns and be able to understand what is working and what is not

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