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How We Offer Great SEO

What Is SEO

Before we dive deep into the SEO we offer, it is vital that we all understand what SEO is and how it can help improve your business. Search Engine Optimization is a way to increase organic traffic without using any paid advertisement. This unpaid traffic can originate from many different things, whether it is a image search, video search, rich snippets, and basically every other type of search you can think of. If SEO is done correctly and well monitored, you can potentially see major increases in traffic, sales, and leads.


SEO For Our Customers

First off, lets get something straight. Search Engine Optimization¬†CANNOT be treated as a commodity if you want continuous traffic and see real and organic growth. What I mean by this is that if you just want 2 hours of SEO for your business website, you won’t even see results 99% of the time. Search Engine Optimization is a practice, that has to be maintained because if you don’t keep up with the maintenance and work, you will see your competitors fly past you in the rankings and end up on the 5th page of Google.


SEO For Our Customers Continued…

That being said, there is a reason our customers stay with us. This happens because we provide that support and upkeep every day. We dive deep into your business and its needs. This ultimately comes down to:

РPerforming audits regularly to see what is working and starting to improve, and what we can improve. 

– Keyword research for your site and competitors, to see how your ranks are doing based on organic traffic

– Link building through internal, and backlinks to help boost those extremely important organic traffic numbers and sales up

– Staying up to date with Google. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Google is forever changing and will be that way for a very, very long time. It is important to understand updates and stay up to date with SEO ranking factors so that way a google update won’t be as big of a worry as if it blindsides you. This also leads to changing content so Google does not plummet you down the ranks

SEO Strategy

All of our strategies come down to “How can we increase your business leads, sales, and traffic?”

Our clients value us because we create SEO strategies tailored to their business and niche.

These strategies are created with you and your team and have full transparency in what we are going to do to improve your organic search results and traffic. 

SEO Strategy Process


We schedule an initial free consult regarding you and your business goals, and so we can learn your business and understand your customer base


We then will conduct an in-depth technical analysis and audit of your current website and online presence


We will strategize a plan on how to approach this is the most appropriate and quickest way to start seeing growth and begin the SEO process

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